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We breed 1 or 2 times a year and our dogs are sold mostly to families.   We must therefore make every effort to breed dogs that have excellent temperaments and are easy to live with.  We ask that you come for a visit so we can explore whether the Ridgeback is indeed right for your family

We have been breeding Rhodesian Ridgebacks since 1997.  Our goals have always been to breed dogs that are healthy, sound in mind and true to type.  The Ridgeback had a purpose and it is our goal to  breed dogs that if called upon to perform those tasks could readily do them.


We have had two litters this year and are really quite pleased with the puppies.  The first litter; Nova and Skipper, the second Ida Belle and Trooper.  We will be breeding again in spring of next year.   We have had quite a few dogs in the show ring this year.  Mostly owner handled!!!

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