We are a low volume kennel dedicated to breeding quality Rhodesian Ridgebacks.  We breed 1 or 2 times a year.     All of our breeding stock have been tested for Cardiac, CERF (eyes) Thyroid, Hip and Elbow dysplasia and DM (degenerative myopathy) .   We only use dogs who are healthy in mind and body.   All puppies are examined by a licensed veterinarian before they are sent home and we supply a health guarantee. Ridgebacks make wonderful companions but we like to meet you and your family to explore if a Ridgeback is the right dog for you and your family. 

We have enjoyed uniting families with Ridgeback puppies for almost 25 years.  We want the best possible homes for our pups and the best possible pup for the families that come to us.  We feel our system has worked and we want to continue what has worked.  Unfortunately, in the last two years the demand for puppies has far exceeded what we can possibly produce keeping our quality standards that we demand.   We would like to outline our procedures so we can so you can know what to expect.

 You will have probably contacted us by email.   Our response will include our pricing and the time frame for the litter.   If you want to move forward, we request a phone call to set up a kennel visit.
The kennel visit is a requirement to get on the waiting list.   During the kennel visit we explore if a Ridgeback is a good fit for your family and you get the opportunity to meet other Whirlaway dogs.   You will not be put on the list if a kennel visit is not made
Being on the waiting list does not guarantee that there will be a puppy available.   We try our best to predict litter size, but there can be, for example still born puppies or error in determining puppy counts on x ray. 
Being first on the waiting list does not guarantee there will be a puppy available.   We try to make the best possible matches so that our puppies’ potentials are realized and our families’ are happy.  We also make decisions based on what is best for our long term breeding program.
We cannot predict sex or color.
We select puppies for our families.,  Many factors are taken in to account,  family activity level, temperaments, plans for the pups.  We spend many hours with the pups and much thought goes into making these matches forever matches.

Jennifer Lazowski – (717) 823-2501  Bedford, VA

Christine Kitsch (610) 207-9478  Mohnton, PA
                                                                    WE DO NOT SHIP PUPPIES