Ellen Tice and Whirlaway's She's No DaisyRN NA AXJOF CA BCAT CGC TKA

Additional titles: UKI Agility SSB, NACSW ORT, NW!, Barn Hunt RATI, RATN

Daisy's favs are  Agility and Nose Work - 

Aimee Taylor and GCH Whiraway's Rock in the Seay Unshaken  SC, ACT1J, SWN, CGC,TKN, NW1 ( NACSW   " Virgil".  Virgil and Aimee are competing in Lure Coursing, Agility and Nosework.   Virgil was also a star in the conformation ring winning Best in Sweeps at Our National and winning many Breeds with Aimee handling!

                  PRETTY IS AS PRETTY DOES!. 

Whirlaway dogs do more than conformation!!!

We are so proud of Whirlaway owners who work so hard to achieve these performance goals.   We feel the process of working towards these goals strengthens bonds and deepens that relationship with our dogs.

Sally Kepfer and Abel !

GCH CH Whirlaway's Abel Rebel of Orion.  RN OA OAJ NAP NF BCAT SWN SEE SCA SBA SHDN.  Abel's dad AJ was an agility ROCK STAR!  and he seems to be enjoying agility and nosework and running!!!

Ellen Tice and Cruiser

​GCH CH Whirlaway's Double Trouble CD BN RE SC AXP AJP NFP CA CGC TKA

Other Titles - NACSW ORT, NW1, Barn Hunt RATI  Cynosport Rally RLPX RL2